Here’s just some of what my wonderful clients are saying about me! I can’t thank them enough.


“I’ve used your service twice now for important projects and am so impressed with your hard work and skills. You highlighted many errors I never would have seen on my own and clearly suggested how to fix them. I will recommend you to others as you are trustworthy, dependable, affordable, and a voice of reason.”
~ J Martin, Novel, UK

“We asked Taegan for help with an report for the UN. It was very short notice, but she took the time, asked very useful question and highlighted unclear statements. The work with Taegan improved our report and pushed it to a higher level. We really appreciated the interest, the very useful exchanges, the speed, and recommendations made by her. We gladly would work with her again.”
~ Bundesvereinigung Trans*, UN report, Germany

“I hired Taegan to edit my papers for submission for my Doctor of Management courses. Her editorial corrections have advanced my writing ability, which in turn has helped with my success. I now retain her as my editor on my dissertation. If you are in search of an editor that is compassionate about your work I recommend Taegan, as she will not just tell you ‘You’re doing fine,’ as she reviews your work — if you think you want the words ‘Great job,’ for a first draft, look elsewhere. She is an excellent editor for any essay format, and I recommend her for any type of writing: autobiography, storytelling, book reviews, character sketches, or any other type.”
~ K Cambre, Postgraduate Coursework, US

“Taegan helped me editing my coursework for my M.A. in Transnational Writing, consisting of a creative and a critical component. The work with her is always a pleasure. It’s a gift how Taegan can highlight errors, unfold scrambled thoughts, suggest changes, raise the appropriate question with the best tone and gives a gentle push at the right moment. The coursework was in German and English as well as entangling parts of both languages, which made it sometimes hard to stick properly to one language. With Taegan’s eye the texts got a clear shape and improved incredibly. I can highly recommend to work with her for any type of writing.”
~ M Lindner, Postgraduate Coursework, Germany

“I have used T.S. Harker for my literary translation project and the edits were amazing. She would go out of her way to make sure that certain details were historically accurate. Go ahead and let her professional advice make your writing shine.”
~ Y Y Chen, Short Story in Translation, Singapore

“Editing a novel can be a truly difficult undertaking, but Taegan’s notes and edits helped me through more than one rewrite. With comments ranging from basic grammar catches to overall story-pathing, she’s the best critical reader I’ve ever had and would recommend her to anyone wanting a second pair of eyes looking over their work.”
~ D Meyers, Novel, US

“I asked Taegan for help with an art-meets-text project. I am French, and not only did Taegan help me with the translation from French to English, she gave me plenty of advice and very useful tips! She always ready with suggestions, looking for what could be the best for my work. I really appreciated the reactivity, comprehension, and interest she put in our exchanges, and would gladly work with her again. I wouldn’t have finished this project without her, and neither would it have been the same without her help.”
~ M Di Chiappari, Multidisciplinary Art/Text Project, France