Year-Round Offers

Below you’ll find my referral scheme and the editorial rates offers that are available all year — not just through the subscriber month-to-month calendar. Standard rates vary by project and thus are available by consultation only. Please see the general discount policy at the bottom of the page in addition to the specific disclaimers, if applicable, under each offer. If any of the below apply to you or your project, let me know!

Referral Scheme

Refer a friend, you receive:

  • $5 off $40 or more
  • $10 off $85 or more
  • $15 off $100 or more

(Your referral must successfully sign a Work Agreement [if their project is ten pages or more] or pay an invoice [if their project is under ten pages] of their own before your discount becomes ‘active’; one referral earns one discount, one discount per project only.)

Review Rewards

Review T S Harker Editorial Services on any social media site and receive $5 off your next project. If not done on my Facebook page, a working link must be provided. All reviews are greatly appreciated!

(You must have completed a project with me prior to your review being published for your review to be considered valid! Additionally, leaving only a rating [i.e. — stars, point systems, etc. without any verbiage] will be considered invalid. Rewards will be given without bias, so both positive and negative feedback is welcomed and will not influence future contracts. One review per site is eligible.)

Graduate Coursework Contracts

Provide proof of enrollment in a graduate or post-graduate program of study, and you have the flexibility of monthly billing for however many hours’ worth of work is done within that month according to the following rates:

  • Six-month contract at the standard rate, or
  • Twelve-month contract at 50% off the standard rate

This is ideal for unpredictable courseloads (where you don’t know exactly how much you’ll need to send me or when you’ll need it by) wherein you need both regular support and more time to pay. Rather than paying in one lump sum at a potentially inconvenient time, this is more structured and spread out. I welcome students whose first language is not English, but at this time I can only offer editorial services in English and for texts written in English (see below for a related offer).

(Proof of enrollment can include first page of unofficial transcripts, student ID card, or acceptance letter or other letter from a member of staff at your institution.)

‘One World’ Discount for Translators, and ESL Writers and Learners

I warmly welcome the opportunity to work with translators, multilingual writers, and those learning English — whatever your level of fluency.

  • 25% off standard rate for longer projects (ten pages or more)
  • 10% off smaller projects (ten pages or less) and other services

With the exception of translators, English must be your second (or third, or fourth…!) language, and while I will not ask for ‘proof’ per se, I will operate in good faith.

Pro-Bono Services for Non-Profits

I happily offer free editorial* services for projects under twenty-five pages for registered, reputable non-profit charities, limited to one per quarter or four per year. Your twenty-five pages need not be a single document/transaction — a running tally of your page count will be kept for the quarter/year.

(*Editorial services only. At this time, creative services are excluded from this offer.)


Discounts cannot be combined; however, if a client is in ‘possession’ / eligible for multiple discounts, the greater will be preferred. The only exception to this policy is the $5 review incentive. All discounts are calculated and applied after the final total. Any discount that is dependent upon a Work Agreement abides by the understanding that only projects ten pages and over require a Work Agreement. T S Harker Editorial Services reserves the right to revoke a discount — including canceling a project outright — if it comes to light that the terms of a particular discount have been violated (e.g. — cessation of your course of study, native English speakers attempting to claim the One World discounted rate, etc).