How It Works

All work is performed with the utmost attention to detail, professionalism, and confidentiality. I suggest inquiringĀ (see the ‘Contact’ page) before sending any material.


I perform both copyediting (including line-editing) and proofreading at competitive hourly rates according to the Editorial Freelancer’s Association standard, and have working familiarity with both US and UK English. Mark-ups can be done digitally or by hand on physical documents (though the latter incurs an additional fee). I work with a variety of mediums, including:

  • Fiction and poetry
  • Theses, civil reports, and other technical nonfiction
  • Web copy
  • Educational copy (curriculum, courses, presentations, etc)
  • Resumes/CVs and other biographical copy
  • Grants, emails, and other persuasive copy
  • Job descriptions and other human resources and marketing copy
  • Translations

If a project is over ten pages, I generally perform a baseline measurement of the first ten pages (or 10%) at half-price in order to best gauge the anticipated number of work hours for completion. Ten or under, and a quote is fairly easy to generate. Staggered payment schedules for longer projects are available.

Once all expectations have been communicated, for projects over tenĀ pages in length a formal Work Agreement is drawn up outlining the project and is signed by both Contractor (T S Harker, of TSH Editorial Services) and Client (you), so everyone knows what to expect.

Writing and Developmental Editing

Please contact for further discussion.

Payment Methods

All invoices are due upon receipt, and unless otherwise arranged the Client has thirty days in which to pay in full. I currently accept payments exclusively through PayPal for convenience’s sake — setting up an account with them is straightforward and free, but I also have a direct payment link.