For further information or to request a quote, you’re welcome to contact me via the red ‘Contact Me’ tab to the left of your screen (or the form at the bottom of the page), or through LinkedIn. T S Harker Editorial Services can also be found on Facebook.

If you’re requesting a quote, for accuracy a good rule of thumb is to supply the following information:

  • What the project is. Novel? Resume? Thesis? Grant letter?
  • What format the project is in. Word document? PDF? Hand-written?
  • What kind of turnaround you’re looking for, and whether it’s set or simply preferred.
  • Word count and/or number of pages. Font and font size is also helpful.
  • What depth of editing you’re looking for.
  • Any other information it may be useful for me to know.

I highly recommend reading this post on editorial expectations, particularly if this is your first time contracting an editor. Please note that  truly accurate quotes — especially if we’ve never worked together before — come from looking at the document itself; providing the above can only give a ballpark figure. And don’t forget to mention if you think any of these special situations may apply to you!

I can’t wait to talk with you about your project!

~ Taegan