“Everyone should have an editor — here’s yours.”


We hear all the time about the decline of traditional printed media and the growing sophistication of its digital counterparts. Our digital presence is stronger – and more important – than ever. We still utilize our written communication skills, even if they take a different form: be it an email to our boss, a fundraiser on Facebook, or a forum post for our online degree, the absence of ink does not diminish the impression we make with our words.

The sophisticated tools that help us make these impressions come with the ironic danger of over-reliance. Which is unfortunate, considering so much can ride on what you say and how well you say it.

Your written presence is as significant as a firm handshake in a first meeting. It’s as important as your smile, as key to your success as regular dentist and doctor checkups are key to your health. Trusting software with your words is like trusting that only regular brushing and flossing is enough for your smile – sure, it’s better than nothing, but it’s not the best.

That’s where an editor comes in. I know what you’re thinking, and no, editors aren’t only for full-time writers – we’re for everyone! We give the human touch that even the most advanced software can’t offer you, catching all the little slips you yourself might not notice that can mean the difference between making a great impression and falling short.

Start benefiting today from this good habit; let me be your second pair of eyes. By entrusting me with your project – no matter how large or small – you are ensuring that your voice is heard loud and clear, and that your presence is felt for all the right reasons.


~ Taegan