“Everyone should have an editor — here’s yours.”

Writing and editing are where my passion lies, and I love to extend that passion for communication — and one of the most important keys to success — to others. While I have a great eye for details, I am also extremely capable of seeing the larger picture.

The majority of my education was in England, where I lived for twelve years. I earned my BA Creative Writing (First Class Honors) there before returning in 2009 to my birth-state of Louisiana; I am very much a person of two countries. As such, I feel I have a global, open-minded outlook on life suited for working with a variety of contacts from many walks of life.

T S Harker Editorial Services is more straightforward than I am: it’s here to give you thorough, personal editing at competitive rates, no matter your project.

~ T S Harker, armed with a red pen since 2006